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Fabric classification


1, according to the manufacturing method can be divided […]

1, according to the manufacturing method can be divided into: woven fabrics, knitted fabrics
(1)woven blended fabric: because it is by the warp and weft of the two groups of yarn staggered woven, so its size and shape stability is better, made of clothing is not easy to deformation, but the disadvantage is not Elasticity.
(2) knitted fabric: is formed by one or several yarns of the coil through each other into a piece and formed, so its size and shape stability is poor, but its own elasticity and drape better , Wearing soft and comfortable.
2, according to the composition into: natural fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics and blended fabrics.
Natural fabrics: cotton, linen, wool, silk and so on.
Chemical fiber fabrics: polyester, acrylic, nylon, viscose fiber, spandex, polyester fiber.
Blended fabrics: made of chemical fibers and natural fibers through textile methods, such as wool, polyester, wool, polyester nylon spandex mixed, polyester viscose mixed. The main feature is the performance of the composition of the various fibers in the superior performance, in order to improve the performance of fabric and expand the suitability of its clothing. Due to the complexity of the processing technology, sometimes blended fabrics are higher than the original fabric price.log on to our official website for more details :http://www.qilitextile.com/