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How Much Do You Know About Jacquard Cloth?


Jacquard cloth is a fabric of cotton or synthetic fiber […]

Jacquard cloth is a fabric of cotton or synthetic fiber with a textured image. There are white woven and dyed yarn. White woven grey fabric and some yarn dyed grey fabric must be washed, bleached or dyed. Jacquard fabrics can be used in different ways according to their breed characteristics.

The image of jacquard is divided into jacquard cloth and small grain (also known as the small jacquard pattern): jacquard has image of flowers, dragon, animal, landscapes and figures, in the fabric of the full frame have single flower,  2 flowers, 4 flowers or more, with jacquard weaving, the warp from the number of cycles a few hundred thousand above the root to root. The small stripe images are mostly flower figures or small geometric images. They are woven with 16~24 pages dobby loom. Because of the constraints of the number of frames used, the markings are shorter.

Some features of jacquard cloth:

  1. Jacquard cloth - - refers to fabric weaved before the yarn dyed into different colors, and then jacquard, such fabrics are not only significant in jacquard effect, but also rich in color, soft, is a high-end products in jacquard.
  2. The pattern is directly woven in high quality gray fabric, so it can not be washed out easily. Avoid the printing of fading shortcomings.
  3. Jacquard fabric utilize environmentally friendly dyeing process, excluding the 20 textile expressly prohibited aromatic amine and harmful heavy metals such as Pb, As, Cd, green pollution-free.
  4. Jacquard cloth of the biggest advantage is pure natural, smooth lines, unique style, simple with noble temperament, good collocation of all kinds of furniture, which is a non comparable printed cloth.
  5. General jacquard fabric is used in bedding, four sets, multi piece sets, etc..
  6. Jacquard fabric is soft, delicate, smooth texture, good gloss, good suspension and breathability, high color fastness (yarn dyeing). The jacquard fabric is rugged and exquisite, with distinct color and strong stereo, while the image of the small jacquard fabric is relatively simple.http://www.qilitextile.com/
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