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How to build their own fashion industry to resist Western fashion forces


In recent years, there have been many new designers in […]

In recent years, there have been many new designers in China, the concern of foreign fashion industry, but still has little power in the fashion industry has the right to speak, China can successfully resist the forces of the West, to create their own fashion industry? Neil Koenig, Producer of Luxury, published the following article at the BBC: "The analysis of Chinese fashion from the perspective of the growth of new Chinese designers has begun to challenge the West.

In mid-February, the Chinese designer Masha (Masha Ma) trip full, is March Paris Fashion Week bustling. "Time has always been my biggest challenge," she said. In the fashion world, time is money.

Ma Masha in London Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design to study women's design bachelor's and master's degree, has worked for Veronique Branquinho and Alexander McQueen as a design assistant. She also won the Lancome color fashion creative contest, Fashion Fringe Fashion Design Competition and WGSN annual breakthrough designers and other awards.

Miss Ma said that her business development colleagues told her that if her new store can not be opened on time, "This is like the iPhone6 ​​thrown into the river, it can no longer boot.

Martha Martha in recent years to bring a new wave of well-known Chinese fashion designers. It is believed that the Chinese are better at manufacturing than they create, and they intend to challenge this existing concept. "We Chinese people do not have to encourage long-term innovation," "VOGUE clothing and beauty," editor Zhang Yu said, "So we say that China is not a good designer is excusable."

Ma Masha show field conference, she thought the outline of the design is very important to do simple.

But the very fact that this situation is rapidly changing, just as the rise of Chinese artists, she also saw in other areas of this phenomenon, such as the fashion industry. "This generation of designers, who are educated both in China and in the West, have the ability to think in both directions," she adds. "They will have some new ideas, and the Chinese will learn quickly."

Mama is a typical representative of fresh blood. She was born in Beijing and studied at the Central Saint Martins College in London. For her, the Chinese fashion is not old. "At the time of my birth, there was no dragon and phoenix blanket everywhere, just after the Cultural Revolution, and everyone was dressed the same regardless of social status," she recalls.

Growing up, she and her grandmother spent a long time together, her grandmother on her influence is very large. Grandma is not a well-known actor, Ms Ma remember her life was very elegant, refined, at the time of China is rare. "At the beginning, Ms. Ma is learning art, but when she saw an article in the fashion magazine designer Alexander McQueen article, she had a strong interest in fashion, from the embarked on this path.

"I was shocked, I can not believe that fashion can also be so that it is too artistic, and can not use language to describe that feeling," she recalls. She is deeply attracted to fashion, but also because it can affect people's lives.

"Artists are, to some extent, selfish," she says. "Because this area is more of their own views of the expression, designers prefer to use their own learning to make our lives better.

For Martha, to form can go out of China, to further the fashion style, there are several key factors. One is to use color. "The color must be close to the people, not the kind of very light, it can be red, can be green, but must be strong ornamental," she said. The other is the silhouette of the design, to be simple, and this is often not an easy thing to achieve. The third point is more difficult to define and achieve, Ms. Ma that good design needs and religious or sacred feeling linked. She felt that Chinese culture would help to embody that feeling. "It's going to be a watershed that differentiates good designers from designers," she says.

Many designers agree that it takes a lot of time, effort, and experience to develop a design that will stand out on the world stage.

GAO Yang Simon Gao is another Chinese designer who is also debating whether successful designs depend on the formation of a more international style. He often travels around the country, to try to feel more different cultures. He says he can see the result of doing so through his work: "All of the works I create are relevant to these experiences."

Gao Yang has his own views on the design: Many designers, including buyers we come into contact with shopkeepers, are what we call the 'rich second generation', but 'rich' the word actually has a lot of meaning, one is the material On the rich, the other is the spirit of the rich. Do clothing, not just rely on material, but also need to have ideal support. Finally can not succeed, depends on the timing and location.

But after the formation of a distinctive style, but also how? Mr. Gao said he has made progress in the business field, according to him, has begun to profit.

Martha talked about her goal is not just to become a designer, but to become a "brand." Although she knows this is not a simple matter, but she has a good plan for the future. Now, she has opened several stores in China, and plans to establish a certain scale throughout the country supply chain network. At the same time, Paris also has her studio, she hopes to further expand the global market in the future.

Over the past decade, thanks to the growth of fashion consumption fashion magazine media in China, rapid growth.

But how many of these new Chinese designer brands' dreams come true?

"VOGUE clothing and beauty," Zhang editor slightly worried, in a way, compared to pure design, business challenges are more difficult to control the area. You may be a genius designer, but does not mean that you can also be handy in business operations.

With the increase in the purchasing power of Chinese consumers, China has become the world's largest fashion consumer market, one of the international fashion brands have entered China, fashion has become a wide range of social phenomena and consumer culture, affecting the lives of Chinese consumers , While the fashion industry is also known as the great potential for future development of new industries.

Shenzhen is the Chinese women's and original design of the industrial base, this year at least four garment enterprises are applying for IPO. Fashion Week and Showroom's model in China is also gradually developed. The picture shows the first Shenzhen Fashion Week March 19 opening Masi Fei Seoul show field.

Fashion is driven by the business, Chinese designers slowly understand that only the definition of business fashion and consumer understanding of fashion is a level of fashion, fashion consumption can be excited out. We often see is the world-class fashion brands, fashion design, etc., but has been the lack of Chinese elements and the voice of China, and even many big brands dare to use Chinese elements, but China's fashion designers is difficult From other countries where the integration of some elements come in, it also needs to go through a very long time. Through the study of global fashion culture and consumer insight into the human, in the whole global fashion industry chain to find some new positioning, perhaps the development of China's fashion industry opportunities.

China's fashion industry is in the impact of foreign culture and imitation developed, therefore, China's fashion industry in the world which is still a primary school students, but after all, in the rapid growth of learning.