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Innovating the New Advantages of Chinese Textile Industry by Synergic Innovation of Industry Chain


As China's economic development into the growth rate sh […]

As China's economic development into the growth rate shift, structural adjustment, power conversion of the "new normal", the pace of China's textile industry slowed down, but slow progress, still contains huge market potential and growth momentum.

In 2015 - "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" the ending of the year, "13th Five-Year Plan" the preparation of the year, China's textile and apparel industry, a spring market action is gaining momentum.

China International Textile & Accessories Fair (Spring & Summer), 2015, China International Apparel & Accessories Fair (Spring), 2015 China International Textile & Accessories Fair (Spring & Summer), 2015-2015 The PH Value China International Knitting (Spring / Summer) Expo will be held at the China National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) in the form of CHIC Exhibition.

In the Chinese textile and garment industry's highest level, the most international competitiveness and influence, and serve the whole industry chain on the integrated platform, China's outstanding surface materials enterprises, yarn and clothing brands have come to the same, the internationally renowned producers , Traders, brands are also playing side by side. 22.2 million square meters of large area display style, brand communication, expand marketing, cooperation and development.

Grasp the new normal, steady growth, structural adjustment

With the development of China's economy entering into a new normal state, such as increasing speed shift, structural adjustment and power conversion, consumption and investment demand, production organization mode, factor comparative advantage, market competition pattern, resource and environment constraints, etc. Sexual changes.

At present, the domestic consumption structure to accelerate the upgrading of fashion, functionality, ecological security and other personalized, diversified and flexible demand to become a new consumption characteristics; consumption patterns and channels of change, China has become the world's largest network sales market, On-line consumption and become the new normal consumption patterns.

International competition, the pattern of international trade is restructuring and reorganization, the developed economies into the rational consumption of normal and restart the process of industrialization, the depth of emerging economies in the international industrial layout adjustment. In addition, production factors, comparative advantages change; resources and environment constraints are also increasing.

The textile industry as a consumer goods industry, and the national macroeconomic development is closely related. From last year, large-scale enterprises above the main indicators of economic growth from double-digit growth into a single-digit growth, from medium-speed growth to medium-speed growth. Under the internal and external environment, the era of high growth and quantity expansion has been gone, to grasp the industry's new normal external situation and the inherent nature of the requirements, steady growth, structural adjustment, an urgent need.

Recently, Wang Tiankai, president of China Textile Industry Association, said in an interview that the pace of China's textile industry slowed down, but slow in there, still contains a huge market potential and growth momentum.

Over the years, the China Textile Industry Federation series of exhibitions have been promoting the development of the industry, "platform, link, window." At present, professional exhibition is still the domestic and international textile and garment enterprises to open up an important way to market, as a barometer of the development of the industry, booster, show more need to plan ahead and lead innovation.

In 2015 - "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" ending of the year, the Spring Festival in the opening year of the occasion, with unprecedented scale, in a form of linkage to show, really exciting.

Linkage exhibition, assembly upstream and downstream

Over the past 30 years, China's textile industry in the global voice has been enhanced, our strength first of all from the construction of a complete industrial chain and the effective operation of industrial facilities. Today, for the first time with the same period organized by the "spring exhibition", is the strength of China from upstream to downstream of a comprehensive appearance.

At the same time, this is the adjustment of ideas and exhibition mode, the operation of the market to build an important platform for the show, highlighting the Union in the industry chain through the upper and lower edge advantage, play a "joint fleet" cooperative action of the major initiatives.

Yarn, fabric, knitwear and textile interlining, which cover the whole textile industry value chain, will bring more business opportunities for exhibitors at home and abroad to participate in these four exhibitions, at the same time will also attract more purchases Business and professional audience to participate in one, to facilitate each other more effective and efficient docking. "Spring Exhibition" will continue to play three major roles: the role of trade exhibition industry trade platform to expand the role of cross-border allocation of industrial resources role in promoting industrial innovation thinking and aggressive role of the window.

The formation of the industry to the heart of the force, linkage of the potential, will play a clustering effect, resulting in upstream and downstream between the international and domestic differences between the past, "chemical reaction." In the spring of the exhibition, the highest level of the whole industry, the most international competitiveness and influence, serving the whole industry chain integrated platform, the transformation and upgrading of China's textile industry vision, quality and efficiency action will also be a true reflection, And is amplified, is spread, be borrowed.

Depth service, innovation-driven industry

Under the current situation, strengthening the innovation drive is the textile industry to effectively meet the requirements of upgrading domestic demand, break the constraints of production factors and resource environment, enhance the international competitiveness of the fundamental way to adapt to the industry to guide the development of new normal requirements. For the spring show, the important role is also in this.

China Textile Exhibition has always been an important exhibition platform for new technologies and new trends in the textile industry. It is also an important trading platform for the rapid advance of new products and technologies.

Textile yarn exhibition will introduce well-known enterprises at home and abroad, the introduction of the industry generally concerned about the new fiber, yarn; textile surface accessories exhibition with the use of the framework of functional exhibition, display domestic and foreign fabric suppliers to develop new products; CHIC clothing Exhibition build quality brand to show new business model.

With the individual, diversified expansion of the number of replacements, increasingly becoming a new consumer trend characteristics, better meet the consumer fashion apparel, functional, ecological security and other aspects of high quality requirements, a textile and garment industry in the new era Important mission.

Spring exhibition, should be changed. The professional exhibition in the pavilion set to use, category for detailed division, more professional display their own brand and quality products, innovative advantages, but also in the overall planning of the exhibition area reflects the sense of fashion and experience.

Spring series of trends in the development activities, including not only within the clothing brand new overseas release show, but also to the special release and display area of ​​the form of interpretation of fiber, fabric fashion trends. Multi-session professional exchange activities, but also help the textile and garment enterprises in the management and production and operation mode of innovation.

At present, the emerging markets including China are still the main growth drivers of the global textile and garment industry. Meanwhile, with the new system of international division of labor, the coordinated development of global textile industry will continue to strengthen. As a result, the international exhibition exhibitors heat unabated, the spring of the exhibition will be China's textile and garment enterprises docking international market, the depth of participation in international industrial system, an important platform for division of labor.

2015 Yarn Expo Spring Yarn Expo is located in Hall 7.2, with a total exhibition area of ​​10,000 square meters. A total of 248 exhibitors from 15 countries and regions, including Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Korea, Pakistan, Product uniqueness.

2015 intertextile spring and summer fabrics exhibition scale 106,000 square meters, located in Hall 7, Hall 8 and Hall E, a total of 24 countries and regions from more than 2,600 exhibitors, of which nearly 500 overseas exhibitors. Both the size of the exhibition or the number of exhibitors are higher than the previous spring show doubled. This year, the European pavilions of fashion show again, local pavilions and overseas pavilions once again become the highlight of the exhibition.

CHIC2015 clothing exhibition exhibition area of ​​106,000 square meters, located in Hall 5, Hall 6. Bringing together more than 1,200 brands in 21 countries. France, Germany, Korea, Hong Kong, China Taiwan and other overseas pavilions, while the MICAM shanghai from Italy and Korea fashion exhibition and PH value knitting show more to show the form of exhibition.

Spring show in the industry show style, docking business at the same time, more innovative exhibition services, extended exhibition function. Matching services are provided for the differentiated needs of exhibitors at different stages of development and in different categories. Through a comprehensive upgrade service system, pragmatic and effective related activities, professional and high-quality exhibition partners, to provide exhibitors and professional visitors with a new exhibition atmosphere. And experience, but also to create a product innovation, integration of resources, cooperation and win-win platform for the industry, enterprises in the new normal to grasp the adjustment and transformation of new opportunities.