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Textile Industry: Opening up a New Era of "Intelligence"


This year is the textile industry, "Twelfth Five-Year P […]

This year is the textile industry, "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" ending of the year, "13th Five-Year Plan" preparation of the start of the year, it is proposed by the textile industry in 2020 to achieve "textile power" target mid-term assessment. In the industry as a whole slowdown, into the single-digit growth in the new situation, the textile industry how to force the high-end, to accelerate the pace of textile power?

Recently, the "Economic Daily" reporter to follow the China Textile Industry Federation, Zhejiang Research Group to Zhejiang Tongxiang, Haining, Zhuji, Yiwu and other textile industry started as early as fast development, transformation and upgrading of urgent tasks, visited a number of textile enterprises and industrial clusters .

Industrial textiles rapid rise

"Our products are very few people do come out of the international market competitiveness is very strong, the price is more expensive than similar foreign products." Haili in Zhejiang New Materials Co., Ltd. production workshop, general manager Wang Wei to the China Textile Industry Federation Vice President Gao Yong said.

Haili De is the country's largest polyester filament manufacturing enterprises, one of its high-quality polyester industrial filament is mainly used for tires, belts, airbags and other automotive fiber areas. Haili De rapid development in recent years, thanks to its accurate market positioning and a firm and clear development ideas.

"We specialize in the high-end market, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other international first-line car brand of fixed suppliers, sales of 2.3 billion last year." Gao Wei told reporters, Haley had also done conventional products, but found low-end market homogenization of competition Serious, so they timely adjustment of the product direction, to do only in the high-end. Haili that the high-end market, although the input large, high threshold, but the high quality requirements, high value-added products, customers are stable. Today, Haley's products in the international market already has the absolute pricing power.

The development of industrial textiles is an important step in the textile industry towards high-end. With the progress of science and technology, industrial textiles are gradually replacing steel, aluminum and other materials, and more and more powerful, applications are also expanding. At the same time, due to high technical content of industrial textiles, high value-added products. Therefore, the industrial textiles in China is defined as a new growth point of the textile industry, but also the current textile industry restructuring and transformation and upgrading of the main direction.

Statistics show that last year, in the textile industry to adjust the context of deceleration, China's industrial textile industry above designated size industrial added value grew 11.7%, higher than the textile industry growth rate of 4.7 percentage points; total profit increased 13.8%, higher than the whole Industry growth rate of 7.7 percentage points.

"Machine substitutions" to achieve a comprehensive upgrade

In the new Fengming Group production workshop, a white silk cake in a row of machines on the neat and fast rotation, the robot quickly and promptly move the packaging.

New Fengming is China's chemical fiber industry leading enterprises on behalf of the spinning industry, the scale of production capacity ranks the top three. "We can maintain this benefit, mainly through continuous investment to improve existing equipment, especially the implementation of the machine substitutions project, making the operating costs continue to decline." Zhuang Fenglong, chairman of the new Fengming Group, said machine replacement effect is obvious , Greatly improving the production efficiency and quality, but also to increase the income of employees, business management level.

As a traditional labor-intensive manufacturing industry, textile enterprises in recent years, the problem is becoming increasingly difficult recruitment, labor costs are increasing. In response to this situation, many companies began to take the machine substitutions. "Although the original intention is 'substitutions', but in fact it is the textile enterprises and industries to achieve structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of one of the important means to bring the role of comprehensive, multi-faceted, because the textile industry structure through technological progress and upgrading Improve the quality of the labor force to achieve. "Gao Yong said that the textile industry machinery substitutions is the inevitable trend of industrial development. The next 5 to 10 years, this demand trend will become more apparent.

"One Place One Product" Promote Industrial Clusters

"Last year, we removed the illegal plant more than 400 million square meters, forcing you to change the 'family factory' model, to promote the textile industry from the family to the park-style upgrade." Zhejiang Province, Haining City Xu Village Party Secretary Zhu Weiqiang said.

Haining Xu Village is an important textile industry cluster, has long maintained a "family factory" mode of production. Since last year, Haining municipal government determined to vigorously rectify the dismantling of these illegal structures of production space.

In Zhu Weiqiang view, speed up the use of high-tech and advanced technology for the transformation of textile industry, accelerate the upgrading of industrial clusters, is the only way to expand and expand the textile industry Xu village.

Coincidentally, as the hometown of Chinese socks, Zhejiang Zhuji Datang is to promote brand strategy. "The authorities introduced a number of initiatives to implement the transformation project, the goal is to promote the Datang Hosiery to better enter the international market, while leading enterprises to create well - known brands, to achieve Datang socks industry to mention file upgrade. Zhuji City, said by the letter Yang Yungui.

It is an important foundation for China's textile industry, and it has played an important role for China to become a big textile manufacturing country. At present, the total textile industry cluster economy accounted for more than 40% of the total industry economy. In the current weak demand, raw material price fluctuations and other new situations, relying on industrial clusters to build brand, open up the market, has become the main way to the development of the textile industry.